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Management consulting

Management consultants help organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance. They use their business skills to provide objective advice and expertise and help an organisation to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking.

Economic Development Consulting

National and subnational governments around the world want to reactivate or accelerate growth through the combination of policies and economic development strategies. In addition, most leaders see the well-being of citizens, not just income growth, as the main goal to pursue. In support of that pursuit, governments need a sustainable, comprehensive approach to economic development.

Trade and Investment Consulting

An investment consultant provides investors with investment products, advice and/or planning. Investment consultants do in-depth work on formulating clients’ investment strategies, helping them fulfill their needs and reach their financial goals.

Statistics consulting

A statistical consultant provides a range of services to clients including statistical advice, analysis and training. Clients can come from a wide variety of subject areas including business, medicine, environment and government, but they all have one thing in common; they wish to collect and analyses data to make evidence-based decisions.

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Strategy Consulting Careers

Business strategy or “strategic management” is the uppermost level of decision making that drives a business. This is the domain of the C-suite and takes a top-down view of the business. It’s where the most fundamental directional choices are made that affect every aspect of the business.

Strategic management asks questions like:

  • What is our long-term vision and trajectory?
  • Should we allocate resources to entering a new market?

Answering these questions requires in-depth data analysis and market understanding. These are huge decisions for a large business, and doing “due diligence” on the potential directions and outcomes is an intensive process.

Operations Consulting Careers

The operational processes of a business are what drives the business itself. Operations covers things  like:

  • Process management
  • Procurement
  • Outsourcing
  • Supply chain management

Businesses are always looking to better optimize their operational processes in a variety of ways, like increasing efficiency, cutting costs, improvement quality, etc. In certain scenarios, however, such as economic downturns, changes in management, or technological rollouts, operations consultants will be brought in to advise on significant changes to a business’ operational processes. Operations consultants work closely with senior business executives to extract the most value from a business’s operations.

They primarily ask ‘how’ questions, like:

  • How can we reduce costs in this plant?
  • How do we increase efficiency in this factory?
  • How can we reduce bottlenecks in this supply chain?
  • How do we improve quality control in this manufacturing process?

Financial Advisory Consulting

To survive and thrive, businesses must make objective and informed financial decisions. And, these decisions must take into account a huge number of complex variables.

This is why the market for financial services is so vast, including:

  • Corporate finance
  • Transaction services
  • Restructuring
  • Risk management
  • Forensics and litigation
  • Real estate

Financial Advisors work closely with clients to provide financial advice and expertise specific to the individual company. And, the benefits are easy to grasp: One study found that a good financial advisor can increase investor returns by 3.75 percent.

Financial Advisors ask questions like:

  • How can we legally and ethically reduce the tax bill of this corporation?
  • How can we improve cash-flow in this business?
  • Which investment opportunities will provide the highest return, for the least amount of risk?

Financial Advisors must attain specific qualifications and a licence to provide financial advice.

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